Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stormy Weather

You Might Be Thai If...

  1. You think a face mask could be an accessory to your wardrobe
  2. Uniforms and whistles are the indicators of true power
  3. You are able to completely ignore people wearing uniforms and blowing whistles
  4. You don't sweat
  5. You ONLY carry an umbrella when it's sunny
  6. You've never told a foreigner "No"...
  7. Mexican's can't even come close to how many people you can fit in the bed of your truck ....on the interstate
  8. Shoes are optional
  9. You don't have tastebuds (because they've been singed off)
  10. Politeness and patience are inherent qualities
  11. Politeness and patience are not acceptable when driving...nor is following the "rules"
  12. In order to feel comfortable, social heirarchy must be understood and adhered to with a smile :)
  13. You laugh in awkward, embarrassing, or tense situations
  14. You are totally oblivious of the temperature and make comments like, "Air conditioning makes me lazy" (-a quote directly from my maid, Khun Jim)
  15. Have a nickname (ie. Good, Porn, PingPing, Tan, Pep, etc)
  16. Time is an abstract is walking at a decent pace
These are my observations of the little quirks I noticed thus far of the Thai culture.  It is fabulous, unique, and clearly seen in every facet of life here in Thailand; which, often times, "farangs" (myself included) are not able to understand .  The language, customs, attitudes, and behaviors of the Thai people all stem from ancient and traditional buddhist beliefs which have culminated into a welcoming, fascinating, and endearing that I have around 22 more months to further observe.

:)  <---a Thai smile

Monday, September 13, 2010

Why I Haven't Been Posting...

Sorry I've been out of the loop the past few weeks, but I have had three really busy weekends! Below are some photos to proove it. Hopefully, I'll get caught up this weekend...hahah, yeah right!! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


See if you can identify the "play" on words and their vagueness...